My Attefallare

Do you want to increase the value of your property while generating a passive income?

The business model is to put together homeowners who have vacant space, with tenants. Systemhus combines solutions for multiple issues and opportunities simultaneously.

Something unique with the concept is a flexible financing solution for the landowner. Because Systemhus can affect both delivery and construction strongly, there is an excellent business opportunity that is favorable to the landowner. The landowner may choose to place a larger, less or no cash deposit at all, depending on how the same wants to settle the final payment.

The contractual rental period is between 36-60 months and after the agreement period the landowner may choose to let the lease run or unleash the Attefallshus. Systemhus is convinced that the market for this type of concept is very large. With our funding concept, we allow many landowners to buy a team leader.

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