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A place for everyone

Systemhus AB business consist mainly of identification of detailed land, design and construction of multi-family houses, group-built houses, villas, semi-detached houses and terraced houses.

Ever since Systemhus AB (publ) was formed in 2001, much has happened. In 2016, the company was acquired and renamed to become a powerful alternative to the major players. The company has a strong vision of “A place for everyone” by aligning all processes without sacrificing quality. Through this, Systemhus will cut both time and production costs with large percentages.

The company focuses on the new construction of rental rights, however, tenant rights consist of approximately 15% of the business. We have always had the power to try new ways and build homes both inside and outside the traditional framework, focusing on design and production methods. We want to streamline the real estate world so that it meets the demand that prevails.

The ambition is to build a property portfolio for long-term and customer-oriented management through new production. Here we come back to our vision that “Everybody will live”. We want to lead a development where housing is centered in a much more powerful way than it is today. We are concentrating on new production, since it is our opinion that the existing stock of housing does not correspond to what is demanded in the market today, even less tomorrow. With our broad expertise, we can engage in projects at different levels, from pure land exploration to the management of fully developed property stocks.

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